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About NAMR

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About NAMR

The National Association of Mandated Reporters (NAMR) is a non-profit organization developed with the mission of supporting mandated reporters in the United States so they can more effectively perform their duties as persons with a legal responsibility to report suspected or known abuse. We are a community of passionate advocates creating a central hub for education and information in order to do a better job of protecting the most vulnerable of our population from abuse.

Mandated reporters are typically working professionals who are required by law to report suspected instances of abuse. These professionals can include educators, school personnel, medical professionals, social services workers, law enforcement, clergy, human resources professionals, supervisors, and other types of working professionals. In some states, all adults are considered mandated reporters, regardless of their profession. Learn more about the mandatory reporting laws that impact professionals in your state at

Abuse impacts the vulnerable across every population. No one is immune to the epidemic of violence in the U.S.

  • One in ten Americans aged 60+ has experienced elder abuse
  • One in three women have experienced intimate partner violence
  • One in four men have experienced intimate partner violence
  • An estimated seven in ten disabled persons have experienced abuse
  • At least one in every seven children has experienced child abuse or neglect

Abuse not only impacts the victims and their loved ones in our country; it also comes at a steep price to all of us. Abuse costs the country trillions annually in direct and indirect costs, including medical and mental health care services, lost productivity, foster care, and juvenile and criminal justice systems costs.

NAMR members are taking action to stop abuse. Whether we’re required by law to be mandated reporters or simply feel called to stop the epidemic of violence and protect the vulnerable in our communities, abuse stops with us.

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